Why We Love Colorado!

There are about a million reasons. Colorado is an amazing state full of… well, everything. Here are a few reasons why we made Colorado our Valentine this year, and every year for the rest of our lives.


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… it doesn’t matter, all seasons are our favorite here in Colorado!

Spring brings an abundance of wildlife to Colorado, which you can experience at one of our world-class state parks.

Although 300+ days of sunshine is more myth than fact, it definitely doesn’t feel like it! The summer season still helps our state rack up an average of  245+ days with sun a year. This makes summer the perfect time to enjoy all of the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer, including camping, hiking, fishing, biking, and other classic outdoor summer activities!

Fall brings apple picking, pumpkin patch visits, and some of the most beautiful fall sights in the country.

Winter, of course, is one of our most beloved seasons. Coloradans and other people from all over the world wait patiently all year to enjoy wiling away the winter hours at one of Colorado’s 28 ski resorts.

For those who do not harbor a particular affinity for hurdling down a mountain on a long piece of plastic, fear not! There is so much more to do in Colorado during the winter – we have something for everyone!


When you think “Colorado”, you likely think “mountains”. You are definitely not wrong.

The beautiful Rocky Mountains are the crown jewels of Colorado. Yes, that really is what our view looks like basically all of the time. One of Colorado’s biggest claims to fame — literally — is its 58 fourteeners (peaks exceeding 14,000 feet) (Colorado). This is the most of any state in the U.S.

Our state’s most famous peaks hold a beauty that is unmatched, but there is a lot more to Colorado’s good looks than just her peaks. Denver itself has a fun, colorful skyline complete with a theme park and a Ferris Wheel! Denver locals begin their mornings driving towards the city while the bright Colorado sun rises above the silhouette of the Rockies and glistens off of the newly renovated downtown high rises.

Yes, that really is what our view looks like basically all of the time.


The local entertainment industry in huge in Colorado! We are lucky to have a multitude of professional sports teams to root for, including professional sports such as basketball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and rugby.

Coloradans love to rally around our local teams, and that becomes most obvious during fall and summer! During football season in the fall, our Broncos play at the Sports Authority field at Mile High stadium. The city is littered with people boasting the team’s signature orange, white, and blue colors.

You can tell who is going to a Rockies baseball game in the summer as Coloradans of all ages sport our team’s purple, black, and white colors. Locals love watching our team play at Coors Field on warm summer days! During the 4th of July and a few other scheduled games, Coors Field hosts a post-game fireworks show for free!

Aside from sports, Colorado also has a really awesome music scene. We have venues and artists for everyone! The Pepsi Center hosts large shows for big names ranging from Ariana Grande to Bob Seger to Kenny Chesney.

We also have a large handful of small but popular theaters that pull in local acts and underground artists. A few favorites are Ophelia’sThe Fillmore Auditorium, and Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

Our outdoor amphitheaters attract music lovers from far and wide during the summer, and for good reason! Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater  is the biggest amphitheater in the Denver metro area. Our most notorious concert spot is Red Rocks Amphitheater, one of the most rad concert areas in the world! We’re not sure if we can claim that factually, but it is definitely a widely held belief.


Colorado has so many beer options, we are not even sure where to begin. This Colorado Craft Beer Map is pretty cool, though. We also have this comprehensive Colorado Brewery List, which covers the 300+ breweries Colorado has to offer. With nearly 100 new breweries set to open across the state in the new future, it’s no wonder Denver has been crowned the “Napa Valley of Beers”.


Last, but farthest from the least, Colorado has given us lifelong friends and family! We always receive comments from visitors about how nice everyone here seems to be. With so much sunshine, endless sites to see and activities to keep us busy, it’s hard to not be in a good mood while you are living in the Centennial State!

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